Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Beautiful Mom ~

Mom loves sewing, needlepoint, cooking, and as far back as I can remember, her career was in women's fashions, which I posted about on the Give Their Face A Place ~ The 21st Edition of Smile For the Camera...she's a wonderfully creative, warm, loving, and giving mother, whom I have always been so very proud of!

Mom is driving down to our home tomorrow and we get to spend a few days together...I get to treat her like a queen!

Happy Birthday Mom ~ We love you!

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My brother, John and his wife, Myunghee, flew in on Friday evening from Milwaukee. We have been having a wonderful time making history in the making. There will be a lapse in my posting until at least the 27th of March.  John and Myunghee are expecting their first child...a boy. This will be the first for me in becoming an aunt and I am so very excited! Another Eimes to add to the family tree.

John is a Molecular Genetics Biologist...he does DNA testing for a living and he also teaches Biology...we stayed up until 2 a.m. talking genealogy, DNA and our family history. Needless to say, I am learning alot. We also watched the last episode of Faces of America together and John enlightened me on several questions I had.  John and I only met in 1992, we have the same father, different mother's. Sadly, we did not grow up together but we are very close, as if we did grow up together.

It will be a great time for mom to visit...she can tell us both a little about our dad and enjoy each other, creating some great memories together this week.



my Heritage Happens said...

Happy Birthday to your mom Gini! It is so wonderful that you get to spend this time with your brother and your mother and you can all share and learn. I know you are enjoying this! Make those memories!

Christine H. said...

very nice card/tribute for your Mom. Congratulations on becoming an aunt!