Friday, March 12, 2010

Restore My Name ~ CoAAG ~

In my family history, I have the names of the slaves that were on my 4th great grandfather, Beal Ijames plantation.

I have the list of five generation slaves of the descendants of: John Wesley Ijames, a slave on the Beal Ijames plantation. Being that there is quite a bit of information, I thought it would be best if I did an individual post on each generation. In the following posts, so far, I have transcribed the list of the slave names in my family history. Several generations are so large that I will have to break those up into several more posts.

Friend of Friends ~ Honoring the Slaves of the Beal Ijames Plantation ~ 1st Generation

Friend of Friends ~ Honoring the Slaves of the Beal Ijames Plantation ~ Part 1 of the 2nd Generation

The information I have will be transcribed and posted exactly as I had received it. I look forward to posting the remaining information I have.  I feel it is extremely important to get what information on the slaves in my family history out there in hopes to helping another.

I want it to be known that I was not the researcher of this information. My dear friend Roberta and her husband Guy who I am a very distant cousin to, has spent the last 40 years researching the Ijames family history. Any and all credit goes to this wonderful lady who spent hours, days, years compiling our family's history. Roberta has given me a gift of a lifetime, one I have no idea or way of thanking her properly for. Without Roberta's help and support, I would not have the information I am about to give to you or the information on my direct Ijames/Eimes line. Thank you Roberta, you are amazing.

My 4th great grandfather Beal Ijames 08 February 1767 ~ 06 July 1855, was a slave master and owner of the Beal Ijames Plantation, located in Mocksville, North Carolina.

It is said that Beal Ijames did not believe in selling his slaves and making sure that those slaves at the Ijames Plantation had a good life. I am so glad for that. Reading this, I was relieved and felt that my Beal Ijames was a decent man.

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Luckie said...

Gini, there just aren't any words for what you are contributing to CoAAG & A Friend of Friends.

Thank you for your diligence and commitment to getting this vital Ijames information out to the research community.