Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dear friends remembering Mom ~

~ A Poem for Mom ~

We lost our mother,
Our sister passed away.
Elfie went walking home.
An elegant lady of such
Style and grace...
She could have been a queen.
So many lives she could have lived,
But chose instead to be our friend.

~ ~ ~ ~

Created and written by my mom's very dear friend: Dave Sumption ~ 18 Aug. 2010
Dave posted this to my Facebook,

"Hi Gini, I wrote a poem about your Mom and how her "dancing friends" feel about her. Just a few thoughts..."

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Dave and Angelina were very close to mom...almost each and every weekend they would meet up and dance their hearts sure loved to dance!  Thank you Dave for a beautiful poem...and thank you Dave & Angelina for being such loving and loyal friends to my mom and to me.


Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

Just beautiful Gini! You do your mother proud!

Gini said...

Thank you Lisa...she was such a special lady and mom. Today makes one month since mom feels as if it was moments ago...

Thanks so much for stopping by Lisa.

Lovey said...

Gini, I loss my mom February 21, 2006. It feels like yesterday...literally. You do get better handling the pain but it really does take some time getting use to not having her near. If you need a "New" friend...someone who has gone through loosing "Mom", I'm here for you...

Joan said...

What lovely dancing friends for a lovely lady of dance. Very sweet and tender.

Eric S. said...

A lovely poem, and so nice of him to write the poem, then share it with you. Good friends indeed.

Karen said...

What a nice poem; she was obvious very well loved. :)


This is beautiful! So Sorry for your loss. We lost a daughter in March 2009 to breast cancer. A very difficult time. Cari is buried in Berlin, Germany -far away but, never forgotten.